Food Shortages, Farm Land , and Water Rights

Water Rights, Farm Land, and Food Shortages   The twentieth century was one of the wettest going back several centuries.  Remember when no one gave a second thought to children playing in the water with the hose running in the yard all day? I spent many afternoons running through the sprinkler myself. You may remember when people […]

Foreclosure Freeze

If they can not sell homes based on real value and honest supply side numbers, then create a false supply number and trick those stupid consumers.

Water Shortages, Water Rights and Nevada’s Great Basin Water

July 27, 2010 at the Aspen Institute’s Environment Forum, Former U.S. Secretary of the Interior Bruce Babbitt at the “Hot and Dry: Water in the West and the World,” told the audience,

“Water scarcity is an issue, not everywhere, but in some regions. The American Southwest is not one of those regions where there is water scarcity. It’s hard to believe given all the hyping in the national and local and regional press.”

Southern Nevada Water Authority and Las Vegas Water Shortage Problem

Mrs. Mulroy explained that at the 1088 foot elevation level they could lose the upper intake for the water supply to Boulder City and 40% of Las Vegas’s supply. At 1050 Hoover Dam stops generating power. At 1000 Vegas loses the lower intake that would literally cut off 90% of the water supply to Las Vegas and all of the water supply to Boulder City.

Nevada Ranch and Farm Land Water Rights, World Issues

“Combined, California’s Sacramento and San Joaquin drainage basins have shed more than 30 cubic kilometers of water since late 2003, said Jay Famiglietti, UCI Earth system science professor and director of the UC Center for Hydrologic Modeling. A cubic kilometer is about 264.2 billion gallons, enough to fill 400,000 Olympic-size pools. GRACE data reveal groundwater in these basins is being pumped for irrigation at rates that are not sustainable if current trends continue,”

Retire Secure, Happy, Healthy and Self Sufficient

The IMF may wrong about fiscal deficits and global financial crisis. The news about fresh water shortages may be wrong. The UN may be wrong about the world’s oceans running out of fish. Al Gore and his wacky environmental friends may be wrong about global warming. This writer seems be advocating a China approach.